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Apical Cellars is the story of Johnny and Emile, the story of a friendship, a partnership weaved by their love for wine.

Johnny B

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Johnny a California native, was always fascinated by wine, during his travels he found himself always attracted towards different wine regions, Southern France, Spain, Tuscany, Stellenbosch, Chile and Argentina.

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Emile W

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Emile was born in Beirut and traveled a lot around the Mediterranean since his early childhood, wine was part of his upbringing and always on the backburner, he came to the US to study at UCLA loved the Central Coast and end up calling it home.

The view they share, the passion they enjoy, the dream they have, led them from oenology education to hobby winemaking in John’s garage in 2010 to starting Apical Cellars one vintage later due to the stellar reviews. John and Emile love to share their passion, wine. Wine for them is the culmination of a natural process that leads the grape to the dining table. They both support a minimalistic approach that shows in their wine making techniques. They are always on the quest for the best fruit and then they let nature takes its course. From hand harvest, soft destemming, gentle pressing always minimal handling is sought. The end result is a fruit forward wine with old world style.

Emile and Johnny do not like to manipulate their wine they let the fruit to express itself. They are devoted to their passion and are chasing their dreams with a bottle in one hand and a corkscrew in the other sharing their wine with the world.

Cheers! Salud! Sante!